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Together we build the solution in a gradual manner, the most suitable for your organization and your business processes.  We use tools based on agile principles to support you and to deliver functional and scalable solution within budget and with limited risk


Our business experience and mastery of new technologies are at the heart of improving the performance and services rendered to customers. our teams of engineers and IT experts passionate about new technologies and versatile experienced consultants


We seek the best partners, develop and assemble quality software components, we implement solutions with excellent functional coverage, with reliable, scalable operational and technical architectures


We believe that the best solution is the easy to use solution. User Friendliness and user experience are the key criterion in all solutions we provide.

Our Services

Services we proud to provide

ERP System

With more demand for decision support reporting, efficiency increase and cost control, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system became the only solution.

Our ERP system is all-in-one system that covers most of the business functionalities including Accounting, Sales, CRM, POS, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, HR & Payroll and much more....

Mobile Apps

Our expert team recognize that Mobile Apps is a vital source of branding and revenue and they work with you to achieve this target through robust mobile applications.

This involve building customized hybrid and native apps (iOS and Android), that harness the power of wearable technology, automating business processes, or even developing Augmented/Virtual Reality projects, so your clients can enjoy an immersive storytelling experience.

Website Development

Get a website that automatically adjusts to fit your brand and style guidelines.

Branding is critical for business success. We provide you tools to easily achieve branding needs. Improve your ranking on search engines and your organic traffic thanks to keywords suggestions and meta tag tool.

Responsive website is very important to ensure that website can fit on any screen or tablet and phone. 

e-commerce System

With an integrated e-Commerce platform, inventory and sales can easily be maintained via automatic stock adjustments and reporting.

Dedicated customer portals help keep customer data organized with order tracking and claims, allowing customers to download invoices and delivery orders as well as view pending shipments from a single location. 

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HR and Payroll System

This module includes a powerful calculation engine for fully customizable Saudi HR and Payroll system. It handles all necessary HR information for Saudi and Expatriate employees in addition to all payroll situations as per the local labor regulations. Our HR & Payroll module covers the following main features:

  • Calculation and payroll processing with GOSI and EOS calculation.
  • Complete recruitment system starting from initial screening to hiring.
  • Expense management to manage employees' expenses and payment.
  • Advanced performance management system and appraisals.
  • Time attendance with capability to interface with the time attendance machines
  • Customizable Leave Management Functionality.
  • Capability to mange employees' loan and payments.

The HR & Payroll module is fully integrated with accounting system so there is no need to make any manual entries to update your financial statements. The system is available as stand alone or as SAAS service.

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Spare Part Retail System

With Spare Part inventory management and tracking tools, organizations have the power to manage inventory across multiple locations with ease, and track it using FIFO, LIFO or moving average accounting methods. Take your Operations inventory management to the next level by purchasing and receiving parts and quickly locating inventory items.

Not only can you manage your parts, you can also manage your suppliers, alternatives and replacement. Throw away your spreadsheets and address books ‒ managing your suppliers’ contact information and the parts they supply is now made easy.

With our solution, organizations are able to create and receive Purchase Orders (POs), and track and report on those purchases.

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School Management System

Complete  solution for managing the different aspects of  schools, colleges or other educational institutes. With our system, all processes in an educational institute can be centralized and automated . All the day to day operations of your institute can be managed smoothly with greater flexibility.

Because of its web-based nature , this school management system can be accessed online which will make the interaction between the administration and parents much more flexible.

With our hosting service, you can use all the system features and functionalities without the hassle and cost of IT infrastructure. We provide you the system with 99.5% uptime.

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management system offers a total POS restaurant software solution that can be easily tailored for use in any sort of food service establishment, from fine dining and table service restaurants to quick service (QSR) as well as coffee shops.

This functionality will work on all touch screens like iPad, iPod, any Tablet PC. Some of the features include:

  • Table Management with capacities for the success of dining operations.

  • Efficiently handles multiple shops with centralized database.

  • Table Reservations to manage waiting list and reservations.

  • User defined Food Categories

  • Preparation of KOT based on table orders.

  • Inventory Control to eliminate waste and control consumption patterns.

  • Monitors material consumption/ issues to Kitchen from main Warehouse

  • Deep linkages with Accounting Module.    

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