Complete Solution

One system to cover all your business needs starting from Accounting, Warehouse, Purchasing till the sales management including all other tools you need to effectively manage your shops.

Advanced Search Tool

One Click to find the right spare part with all its alternatives and replacements. Search by Original Code, manufacturer code, Part Name or Part description and you get all relative parts.

Full Control of Stock

With our solution, you have a full control on your stock. Wither you have just one branch or many branches and wither you have one warehouse  or multiple stores, you have one screen to manage all stock.

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Genuine and Manufacturer Spare 

Never loose a customer. You can easily search by any code or part of the code to get the right spare part the customer needs. Just enter the code or the name of the spare part, and you will get a complete list of all parts and its alternatives and replacements that can fit. You can give many alternatives to your customer to choose from. 

Never Run out of Stock

With Advanced and Robust Purchase Management, you will never run out of stock. The system will alert you whenever the stock level goes below a certain level.

With sophisticated tender management, the system will help you to send multiple RFQ to all suppliers, receive the quotations and analyze the them to get the best deal. Always make sure you are on the top of the competition.  


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Your Accounting is Always Accurate

With full integration with Warehouse, Sales and Accounting your books are always updated and accurate automatically. All accounts and ledgers are instantly updated with every transaction as it happens.

Your Accountant team will have more time to analyze and strategize your business behavior and trends. 

All your financial statements like balance sheet, P&L and Trial Balance are a click away. 

Flexible Reporting and Analysis

With easy to use and very flexible reporting tool, you can generate any kind of reports and analysis in few seconds. Option of grouping, sorting and filtering will make your reports even more flexible.

Charts and Dashboards will keep you informed of every business transaction.

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